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Love Marriage Astrology, Love marriage Solution

Love Marriage Astrology, The love marriage astrology is a vital and very significant segment of the Vedic astrology, which deals exclusively with the matters related with love affairs and love marriages, including astrological forecasts over these. On this web page, our world-famous love marriage specialist astrologer analyzes this astrology as per date of birth and name of a person.

The love marriage astrology may be analyzed as per the inherent astrological elements, and also according to Numerology. The vedic astrology forecasts matters related with love and marriage based on the birth chart of the native, i.e., based on the date of birth, time, and place. On the other hand, numerology makes predictions based either on the name or date of birth of a person, or on both these; both are required to be converted into a certain number. The science of numerology essentially makes uses of the specific vibratory frequencies emanated by a name or a number, for generating predictions about a person and things of his/her life. The sections below, provide more and in-depth information regarding the love marriage astrology by name, and date of birth and time, separately, to help lovers and other concerned people of the world over. Our Baba ji an astrologer-cum-numerologist of global acclamation has helped and made fortune of numerous male and female lovers located worldwide during last two decades through his services based on birth chart and numerology.

Love Marriage Astrology

Love Marriage Astrology, by Date of Birth

This section deals with love and love marriage related predictions based on the birth chart/natal chart of a person. Here, it may also be just mentioned that, any birth chart is prepared by an erudite astrologer using the date of birth (which covers the day and date of birth, month of birth, and the year of birth), time of birth, and the place of birth.

Close observation and insightful analysis of a birth chart can clearly reveal the most likely or suitable type of marriage for the native; this marriage could be an arranged marriage, love marriage, or an inter-caste marriage. The probable status of the marriage can also be known with help of the birth chart. The D-9 chart should also be analyzed to ensure which type of marriage is suitable for the native. Our veteran and benign Baba ji provides services for both making a marriage hassle-free and successful, and for making the married life harmonious and prosperous, apart from predicting the most likely or suitable type of marriage for a person. Needless to say, that the love intercaste marriage problems solution is also readily available with our profoundly-learned .

manpasand sahdi istikhara

According to the love marriage astrology by date of birth, for a love marriage to take place smoothly, the majority of the following particulars should be adequately strong and favorable in the birth chart of any love partner, otherwise, the arranged marriage would be most suitable to the person: Love Marriage Astrology

The houses of 7th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 2nd, 9th, 12th, and 1st; along with the good status of the lord of the majority of these houses.
There must be certain supportive interactions, interchanges, or interconnections among many of these houses and their lords. Love Marriage Astrology

The highly-supportive planets to love relationship and love marriage are Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Rahu, etc. A debilitated or retrograde Jupiter is generally also favorable to love marriage. Again, these planets should either located in or strongly influence the many or most of above houses.
The majority of above-noted houses and their individual lords, or the planets, should bear the zodiac signs of Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, etc. Love Marriage Astrology

Any astrological yoga in support of love marriage, such as the Arudha Lagna or Upapada Lagna.
And, other astrological elements or factors favoring or strengthening the chances of a love marriage of the native.
After impeccable analysis, our Baba ji will then suggest surely efficacious and cost-effective remedial/beneficial measures for getting the results desired.

Love Marriage Astrology by Name
For analysis of the love marriage astrology by name, the (full) name of a person is first converted into a specific number having a distinct vibratory frequency or power. Then, analyzed and anticipated are the love and marriage prospects of the person. Through use of the name of a person, generally two core numbers, namely, the expression or destiny number, and the soul urge number, are calculated. These all numbers help in discovering the most probable or suitable type of marriage for the person concerned. The Expression or Destiny Number is based on the name, preferably the full name of a person; while the Soul Urge Number is based on the number of vowels used in the name of the person. Love Marriage Astrology

Here, it may also be noted that, the marriage astrology is one of the most served segments of Vedic astrology by our globally-popular astrologer Baba ji. Besides providing surefire and safe solutions for various problems and obstacles preventing a marriage (love marriage, arranged marriage, or inter-caste marriage), our genius and generous Baba ji also offers astrological measures for making the married life peaceful, harmonious, and ever-lasting.